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  • Ailun Ladies Beauty Salon

    suhana | March 17, 2017

    after a very tiring week i treated myself with a foot massage.... it was very relaxing and my feet have become so soft... i would love to bring my mother here she will definitely like it alot . Threading and waxing were the same as in other parlors but the overall salon is in good shape

  • Tips & Toes

    Dua | March 17, 2017

    I have tried moroccan baths sseveral times but never a turkish hammam. However i have heard a lot of good things about turkish hammams and there wouldn't have been a better place to try it than tips and toes as its the most trusted of all. The turkish hammam is a real treat and i had the time of my life. The steam was lovely.. it has softened my skin and the peaceful foamy massage was worth every penny i have spent.i would gladly take out 90 mins of my life every day if i could for this wonderful treat

  • Bedashing Beauty Lounge

    humaiza | March 17, 2017

    after a lot of discussions with people who have tried it and my personal research on it, i tried the cellulite treatment. It was done wonderfully and showed remarkable difference in a short time. Its a great beauty therapy i must say

  • ST Beauty

    April | March 17, 2017

    I booked an appointment for blow dry and makeup and was to find that they instantly accepted it. 2 hours later i was at the parlor and requestd for my blow dry to be very natural and a bit curly towards the inside. I once got a blow-dry long time back like that back home and i have never gotten one like it again. They gave me the same results which i was expecting and it looked simply lovely. the makeup too was flawless and didn't make my face too prominent with it. my expectations have far superceeded than i was thinking and this place and their workers surely deserves appreciation

  • Dalaa Gulf Ladies Beauty Center Spa

    felicia | March 17, 2017

    i visitd the spa first time today and instantly fell in love with it.. its nothing different and i have to been to spas like this quite a few times but it was the way they greeted, and the staff who really made yu feel welcomed. These kind of things matter a lot to me. I went for a body scrub the first time and the girl would adjjust the pressure everytime i asked her to, although mainly i was loving the normal pressure there was. The scrub went great! I had a lovely time and would come again

  • Cameo Ladies Beauty Salon

    Fariha | March 17, 2017

    my hair looks pretty.. she added a big gorgeous bun on the back of my hair to make it look voluminous, and the rest of my hair was loose. She asked if I would like to tie it all up but i liked it better this way and so did she. The salon is pretty

  • Amalia Beauty Salon

    Gosia | March 17, 2017

    i got a pretty nail job with gel polish for myself and it was also my friend's bday so it would have been good to have my nails painted and polished. Gels and good. I chose a red colored dress to match it with my nails and it looked pretty

  • Titanic Cosmetic Centre

    Abigail | March 17, 2017

    i am happy to have got my bridal makeup from this wonderful salon, and my face was really glowing with happiness. I wanted everything to be perfect on wedding day, and it really was. I couldn't have looked more graceful in my beautiful white net gown and floral wreath around my grecian braid hair is rather short so she had to make use of hair extensions too, and they worked out beautifully. I would recommend this place and id love to celebrate my wedding day over and over again with a look as elegant as this

  • Night Breeze Ladies Salon

    Pravina | March 17, 2017

    i have really thin hair and its mainly because i have been so careless about it.. i regret it big time, styling is the toughest job for me because nothing looks good. I came here to get my hair styled and despite of my thin locks the lady stylist gave me the most beautiful braid and opened it up to make it look more thick. The braid was really pretty and i was loving it on my face. I wish i had thicker hair.. im planning to get my hair treated soon and i'd definitely be coming here to get more styles

  • Style Star Salon

    Atif | March 17, 2017

    The stylist is skilled and also good person to be around with, share your hair problems too. He'd listen and do whats best for your hair. He analysed my face really well and decided what haircut and style would look good in perspective

  • my son got haircut from here and i was waiting while he was done. Haven't been here before and just came here to save some time by going to the saloon i usually go too. The hairdresser cut his hair, styled it nicely and he was good to go. I'd try it for myself someday

  • A'Misque Retreat

    lashi | March 17, 2017

    dermalogica facial is a must try for ladies who are want to be pampered to the fullest. I enjoyed the face mapping session and the ways she told me what products will be best according to my skin. Its quite different from normal facials and i promise u it is worth the money u spend

  • Kabayan Ladies Salon

    mujiba | March 17, 2017

    i think this is one of the best hairs salon i found because she had great hands. I could trust her with my hair and whatever she was doing with it. The cut lookd really spectacular too and i have recommendd it to all friends and family members

  • RUSH Ladies Fitness Center

    Sakshi | March 17, 2017

    its located in the most popular area of Abu dhabi and also open 7 days a week. I feel more comfortable in a ladies only gym because its easier to do some tummy and buttock exercises

  • Aneza Beauty Salon

    Navya | March 17, 2017

    the whitening facial treatment was a joy to get and it has helped my skin a lot.. im not very fair but i have a wheatish brown complextion, not to say that it has completely changed my skin tone or anything but it did enhance my face to a visible change. Apart from that the facial itself was so fun and exciting.. i would enjoy getting it once in a while or so

  • Fitness First

    Olive | March 17, 2017

    i like the yoga staff lot theye r friendly high spirited and full of energy too and so i love 2 be a part of this place whenever possible

  • Lotus flower ladies saloon

    Wania | March 17, 2017

    my 3 friends and i came here to get henna on our hands for our friend's wedding ceremoney. she is a realy good friend and we wanted to look our best, dress the best too and weddings are the best occassion for henna so. The women all worked with so much precision and had a lot of stability in their hands.. designs were a beauty to see and we were realy happy how our hands look.. the color came out dark brown and it smelt wonderful. Must recommend this place for bein an amazing henna lounge

  • LevelOne Beauty Center

    Stella | March 17, 2017

    my new coffee bean hair color is sure winner! so many people have been syaing that its the best color they've seen and it looks simply elegant. I really like it a lot myself and im thinking id love to get my hair dyed again from here. It was a lovely time

  • Al Ain Palace Massage Center

    humda | March 17, 2017

    I feel full relaxation and stress free after the massage it was such a great day and great time for me. The time duration is perfect and the girl was so chaming and beautiful 2

  • Julie Forme Ladies Saloon

    anuradha | March 17, 2017

    these eyelash extenshin my friend got are so great i like it so much too. i ask her where she get it from she said me i go to juli's parlor and they have amaazing extenshins shape

  • Home service henna

    Nihal | March 15, 2017

    i got myself henna on hands, front and back both and want to tell everyone that they have really good workers and beautiful designs too. I am in love with the designs.. everyone who saw it was like woww

  • Curly Cutie Beauty Centre

    pasha | March 15, 2017

    I came for hair trimming and saw the salon while i was waiting. There were lots of customers coming nd the girls greeted them very nicely, made them feel welcomed and patiently asked them to wait for their turn. It was peak hour when i went so there were many women. My turn came after 35 mins and the hair dresser cut my hair quickly the way i wanted. A good place

  • Mood Beauty Centre

    Dania | March 15, 2017

    i came for blonde highlights, they are looking really cool on me. I showed it to all my friends too in uni and they said it looks great. Thanks guys

  • Queen Of Stars

    nishba | March 15, 2017

    if I come in terms of services then this salon is much better than other ones i have been too, but if i talk about price then it is more expensive than it. Service and location is good though

  • The Fit Mom

    mehvina | March 15, 2017

    it is an ideal place for mothers.. its great because i am mom myself and i know how hard it can be to lose weight after having kids. So i come here and there are many other women too who come along, i have a great time doing exercises and looking forward to get thin again

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