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  • Cindrella Beauty Salon

    saara | April 26, 2017

    very quick service but timings are confusing

  • Meteor Garden Salon

    Charleen | April 26, 2017

    I wanted a complete transformation to my hair and I got it. Stylish lob with caramel blonde shades looks stunning

  • Fine Touch Beauty Saloon

    Marcene | April 21, 2017

    came here for a cut today and I don't know much bout cuts but the hairdresser studied my face for a bit and gave me a beautiful cut with lots of steps my llength was also not shortened much so I was happy that I've gotten a fresh look so i definitely recommend

  • Rickys Ladies Salon

    mia | April 16, 2017

    Quick service, polite workers and not that expensive as other places around the area. It's a great place for all women in search of efficient waxing services.

  • Al Lailak Beauty Saloon

    layleen | April 15, 2017

    First off i got a full body wax and then when i was sparkling clean, i got a full body massage. There is no better feeling than knowing you are in the hands of the best masseuse and the strokes were so perfect, the pressure was medium and she knew exactly where to increase her pace. I loved every bit of it. I must have spent about 2 hours at the salon and still wanted to be more pampered. So i also tried acrylics for the 1st time and it was simply amazing

  • Jeunesse Spa Salon

    Filza | April 14, 2017

    I was in search of a solid long lasting manicure and me and my friend stopped by at this salon. The salon was quite impressive and was in awesome condition, it was well maintained with ample facilities. The manicurist was a charming person and she had such good soft hands. I've had a manicure so many times but never this good. When I asked I wanted my nails to last longer she gave me a shellac manicure and told me it'll last 5 weeks minimum. It's been three weeks and my nails are still looking as good as new. Im the happiest. Btw they also have really good waxing and threading workers, just to let you guys know

  • The Nail Spa

    Sue | April 09, 2017

    If you ever have an opportunity and few extra bucks do try the legitimate therapeutic massage once. I would highly recommend this place. It looks great, feels great once u are here and the massage is also excellent. I have never been in favour of reviewing places or writing reviews till I have not experienced for myself but this place has my word

  • Batavia Beauty Center AUH

    rabya | April 09, 2017

    Today I got a haircut after so long. I tried a new salon this time because my friend was going with me and she regularly goes to this salon since a long time. The charges for haircutting are way too much than from the place I get it cut but it's too far away from my home so I was ignored the price. She gave a nice shape to my hair I guess it was layers are feather mixed. The results were very good. I'm happy with my new haircut and my friend was right, the women here are very friendly

  • Nice Life Ladies Salon

    Faraah | April 01, 2017

    My haircut experience was very good. Firstly I am new here and really needed a place that's nearby. The environment is good and almost like what you'd expect from an upscale stylist and salon. She did a great job with my hair and had a very nice trendy haircut of her own. She dealt with me and my hair problems really calmly and enjoyed doing her work, that's what I liked the most

  • Rinnovo Ladies Salon & Spa

    jafrina | March 31, 2017

    I'm so happy I found this place. The woman got straight down to business and started analyzing my hair and hair type, she knew it's thin so she did a wonderful experiment on my hair by adding more volume on the top and chopped off the half dead hair below. My hair was chopped off about 4-5 inches and became really short but I was happy because this new look was very cool and edgy and it suit me too. Although it was an experiment, she did a lovely job!!

  • In Vogue Ladies Beauty Salon

    Rosy | March 29, 2017

    My eyes literally popped out of my sockets when I saw the variety and splendid collection of nail polishes set up beautifully. All those colors were so eye-catching and exciting to look at. Even though I am not a regular nail person but one really cant resist. Although i had specifically come for a facial, i ended up getting a manicure, nail extensions and acrylics too. Wouldnt have been possible if I did not have my credit card. Will come with better planning next time

  • Max Life Fitness

    Mikaella | March 29, 2017

    After trying out so many gyms and even liking a few of them, there were always some tragedies or incidents that i had to quit. I think have found one of my liking and convenience too because its a lovely fitness center no doubt, plus its in Al Ain where I live so coming here is no problem at all. I always look forward to going here and since I have been coming for 4 months now I have shed a lot of weight. I have slowed down a bit now but still continue to visit. Once my children's exams are over I am definitely joining again

  • Zahrat al zayani ladies salon

    shamina | March 29, 2017

    I can't get anouff of this place. I come for a Bath in morocco style because so many peaple have told me it is the best relax way in life. I come to abu dhabi to see my sistar she live here for 20 year now. She taks me here one day and tell me to try it and i like it so much so much that i want to go again. I wish i also live here with sistar so i can enjoy this any time i want to. I hope there is moroccen bath there too in pak so i will sarch for it and go again

  • Khalidiya Palace Tennis Courts

    khalil | March 29, 2017

    I would highly recommend this place to youngsters especially. They are seriously going to have a lot of fun learning here. I think there isn't a better pass time activity and also so nearby. I am planning to get my kids enrolled here for better so that they could spend some time away from their smartphones and utilize their time on something good for once

  • Noor Ladies Saloon

    ranea | March 29, 2017

    Don't forget to try the Chinese massage because it is must trying. If you have any sort of pain then its really good. I had very stiff muscles but after this masssage i felt very light and had a very peaceful day ahead

  • Spa At Royal Rose

    Asif | March 27, 2017

    I got a relaxation massage and it pretty much covered everything I came hoping for. It was ultra relaxing. I would love to try other things too because they all seemed really good

  • Ailun Ladies Beauty Salon

    suhana | March 17, 2017

    after a very tiring week i treated myself with a foot massage.... it was very relaxing and my feet have become so soft... i would love to bring my mother here she will definitely like it alot . Threading and waxing were the same as in other parlors but the overall salon is in good shape

  • Tips & Toes

    Dua | March 17, 2017

    I have tried moroccan baths sseveral times but never a turkish hammam. However i have heard a lot of good things about turkish hammams and there wouldn't have been a better place to try it than tips and toes as its the most trusted of all. The turkish hammam is a real treat and i had the time of my life. The steam was lovely.. it has softened my skin and the peaceful foamy massage was worth every penny i have spent.i would gladly take out 90 mins of my life every day if i could for this wonderful treat

  • Bedashing Beauty Lounge

    humaiza | March 17, 2017

    after a lot of discussions with people who have tried it and my personal research on it, i tried the cellulite treatment. It was done wonderfully and showed remarkable difference in a short time. Its a great beauty therapy i must say

  • ST Beauty

    April | March 17, 2017

    I booked an appointment for blow dry and makeup and was to find that they instantly accepted it. 2 hours later i was at the parlor and requestd for my blow dry to be very natural and a bit curly towards the inside. I once got a blow-dry long time back like that back home and i have never gotten one like it again. They gave me the same results which i was expecting and it looked simply lovely. the makeup too was flawless and didn't make my face too prominent with it. my expectations have far superceeded than i was thinking and this place and their workers surely deserves appreciation

  • Dalaa Gulf Ladies Beauty Center Spa

    felicia | March 17, 2017

    i visitd the spa first time today and instantly fell in love with it.. its nothing different and i have to been to spas like this quite a few times but it was the way they greeted, and the staff who really made yu feel welcomed. These kind of things matter a lot to me. I went for a body scrub the first time and the girl would adjjust the pressure everytime i asked her to, although mainly i was loving the normal pressure there was. The scrub went great! I had a lovely time and would come again

  • Cameo Ladies Beauty Salon

    Fariha | March 17, 2017

    my hair looks pretty.. she added a big gorgeous bun on the back of my hair to make it look voluminous, and the rest of my hair was loose. She asked if I would like to tie it all up but i liked it better this way and so did she. The salon is pretty

  • Amalia Beauty Salon

    Gosia | March 17, 2017

    i got a pretty nail job with gel polish for myself and it was also my friend's bday so it would have been good to have my nails painted and polished. Gels and good. I chose a red colored dress to match it with my nails and it looked pretty

  • Titanic Cosmetic Centre

    Abigail | March 17, 2017

    i am happy to have got my bridal makeup from this wonderful salon, and my face was really glowing with happiness. I wanted everything to be perfect on wedding day, and it really was. I couldn't have looked more graceful in my beautiful white net gown and floral wreath around my grecian braid hair is rather short so she had to make use of hair extensions too, and they worked out beautifully. I would recommend this place and id love to celebrate my wedding day over and over again with a look as elegant as this

  • Night Breeze Ladies Salon

    Pravina | March 17, 2017

    i have really thin hair and its mainly because i have been so careless about it.. i regret it big time, styling is the toughest job for me because nothing looks good. I came here to get my hair styled and despite of my thin locks the lady stylist gave me the most beautiful braid and opened it up to make it look more thick. The braid was really pretty and i was loving it on my face. I wish i had thicker hair.. im planning to get my hair treated soon and i'd definitely be coming here to get more styles

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