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  • Lariene Ladies Beauty Saloon

    Rekha | February 20, 2017

    i coms hare 4 bleecheng 4 boady wid nana it was good

  • Violet Flower Salon

    Lubna | February 20, 2017

    I badly need to get my split ends trimmed so i came here and liked the parlor it was quite tidy.

  • Black Belt Sports Cente

    Ashfaq | February 20, 2017

    I come here with my wife and we spend an hour working out. Best place for aerobic fitness and gym with the latest fitness machines.

  • Tips and Toes Spa - Hili Mall

    sana | February 20, 2017

    For the first time experienced halawa waxing it was much much better than the normal wax, less painful and was being stripped off easily

  • Code M CrossFit

    Ben | February 19, 2017

    a good fitness center located in this part of abu dhabi

  • Get Moving Fitness & Spa Centre

    Ricky | February 19, 2017

    The day retreat has been the best treat from my wife for me this weekend! cant stop thanking her over and over again

  • District Gents Salon

    Rana | February 19, 2017

    my friend booked an appointment here for us for the 90 minute head back shoulder and neck massage i didnt want to go first but he is so stubborn. Cant believe i have been living here for so many years and never came across this salon. The massage was simply heavenly and i thanked my friend so much. I would like to come again

  • Hams Al Oium Salon

    Ellie | February 19, 2017

    Without a doubt this salon has the best whitening facial i have tried many places but this one was great

  • Yalla Personal Training

    zohra | February 19, 2017

    a must place for people of all ages i see so many old age uncle and aunties in my yoga class

  • Lakokit Ladies Saloon

    Karina | February 19, 2017

    strait hair is only sute me i live in al falah and close to this saloon so will come for stratning. It saifed my time to

  • Nails Couture

    simran | February 19, 2017

    the experience of getting shellac nails was quite exciting and i totally want to bring my sister and sis-in-law next time because they would love it too

  • Al Ronack Fitness and Beauty Center

    sheetal | February 19, 2017

    i have to get my eyebrows done every week or so because of my unibrows but this time i was at stay to my sisters place in al ain and came here for first time really liked it

  • Mylife mens health club & spa

    Umar | February 19, 2017

    I am a hard core fitness person and do hour of fitness every day. Recently joined this club to work on my abs as my wife said i am capable of creating 6 packs. So far i like the club a lot., great trainers great workout equipment and would recommend it to fitness freaks

  • My Melody Beauty Salon

    Madelaine | February 19, 2017

    this black and red ombre is simply marvelous, man i haven't looked this good in years.. thanks for the suggestion hubby dearest

  • Fitness First

    Leena | February 19, 2017

    Ive seen lot of girls coming here for pilates and so it is quite motivating to see everyone i sync. I joined 2 days back and looking at these people do it so professionally makes me want to do it even better

  • Layounak professional salon

    Jordan | February 19, 2017

    We were all really excited for our childhood buddy's wedding and had to look our best. 4 of us booked an appointment here for getting our hair styled. After lots of gel being applied and hair sprays here and there, everyone in Al Khaleej couldn't help but stare as 4 handsome studs stepped out of the salon! Wonderful job you guys

  • Body & Soul Spa

    Erica | February 19, 2017

    Body and soul spa is my new favorite spa and i think i could come here every week to try their wonderful massages. Tried the face massage and i never felt this flattered in my life

  • Man Age Luxury Men's Spa

    Shahnawaz | February 19, 2017

    sports masaag is bast beycauz i play aal day with mai son on satarday and sunday and somtimez mai foot hurt 2 much

  • Fame Gents Salon

    Aamir | February 19, 2017

    i have so much acne on my face and heard facial is best for acne and pimples. The facial was fun and i enjoyed

  • Tips and Toes Spa - Al Falah 5

    Najma | February 19, 2017

    i feel like all the dirt has been scraped off my body after the body bleaching treatment and everyone should try it as brings on an instant glow

  • City Sports

    Sameer | February 19, 2017

    I jouin my frand who call me for a footbaal game i did not no thay hav a footbaal cort but i enjoiy playing vary much

  • Anahata Wellness Spa

    Anonymous | February 18, 2017

    My visit included Massage, Body, and I rate my experience 4 stars.

  • Body ART Beauty Center

    Anonymous | February 18, 2017

    My visit included Body, and I rate my experience 4 stars.

  • Changes British Salon

    Rubina | February 17, 2017

    I was struggling between the decision of getting hair extensions or getting my hair permed. then i finally came across this salon which had both options and i thought i should refer to the stylist for some guidance. She told me that hair extensions are in fashion these days and i can style my hair anyway i want. so yeah I am happy and satisfied with my extensions

  • La Poupee Beauty Centre

    Ayra | February 17, 2017

    I have always wanted to try the Balinese massage and thank god i found it here. It is worth trying

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