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  • Al Mohra

    marica | April 18, 2017

    I developed a pain in my lowerr back and I only visited this place because of my friend. The therapist gave me a warm massage, there was soft music playing in the background. The pain was subsiding slowly and I started feeling much better. The quality of massage was very good

  • Al Amal

    rashida | April 15, 2017

    I decided to go here based on the proximity of my house and its not such a bad salon i must say

  • Ahlam Al Omer Ladies Saloon

    jazmine | April 14, 2017

    It is close to my home and also reasonable, within my budget. I would like to come again some other time

  • Istanbul Hair Cutting Saloon

    mikael | April 14, 2017

    The haircut was good and he gave me short spikes which made me look younger. Never before have i gotten spikes but this time that i did i have loved the way its looking, so yes next time ill get spikes done again

  • Jumana Henna & Beauty Saloon

    ambar | April 14, 2017

    it is probably the best place in all of ajman if you want to get a beautiful henna design for yourself. I shared it with so many people in my family and we all love it

  • Heros Gym

    khatija | April 10, 2017

    After joining Heroe's gym i can honestly say i feel a lot more active, determined and focused now. I am happy inside out and my mind, body and soul is at ease because I know I am doing something good with my body

  • Afreen Beauty Saloon

    shazmia | April 10, 2017

    i booked a thirty minute head shoulder and back massage and i enjoyed all off it.. its clean with nice design features and limited facilities thats why they are more good at what they do

  • Max Gym Sports Club

    roohi | April 10, 2017

    zumba routines here are fun, dynamic and flattering. it is always a real pleasure to be part of this place and its wonderful dancers

  • Shapes Spa & Health Club

    Ajuba | April 10, 2017

    shapes has got the best facilities and products for body care. The hammam bath is out of this world and the perfect way to escape life's troubles, and the body wraps are so enjoyable. I love the exceptional customer service

  • Salon Wardat Almagrab for Henna

    Lernie | April 10, 2017

    I am a belly dancer and i come to this salon for my henna tattoos. They are absolutely lovely and my fellow dancers are also planning to come here

  • Revival Spa & Beauty Lounge

    Smita | April 09, 2017

    I never knew about this place its right behind where i live. My friends told me about Revival spa and that they have seriously awesome therapies and treatments for all. I took my husband with me and we noticed its very beautiful and an upscale spa with the best services. We enjoyed getting our bodies scrubbed and i tried gel nails for the first time and instantly fell in love with it. My husband got a facial and his face is glowing. This is the perfect place for both of us and we cant wait to be back again

  • CrossFit Sand Warriors

    shakti | April 09, 2017

    The trainers have worked very hard on me and anyone who has been seeing me lately has been noticing the cuts around my arms which have started getting too prominent now. I love it when people say i m looking in great shape so all thanks goes to these gem of people behind crossfit sand warriors

  • Hooriat Al Bahar

    jiya | April 09, 2017

    My complexion is bit wheatish brown so the woman gave me a red base but it appeared to be more brown with hints of red. The color no doubt was amazing and i started getting used to it with time.. I have a hard time registering to changes but now after one week i seem to love my new color esp after so many people have praised me about it

  • Marvelous Ladies Salon

    Unsia | April 08, 2017

    great location (walking distance from my crib), convenient timings and good quality hair care services brought me to this place. I'd be coming more often now

  • Nidal Beauty Center

    Nandita | April 08, 2017

    i got a perfectly textured feather cutting and it was looking smooth, straight and sleek. My hair is naturally straight so she gave me this cut to perfectly balance out the dead look as its perfectly feathered towards the end. I love this look and i once got a feather cut long time back.. all i can say it looks so stylish and its back in style too

  • Grand Prix Gym

    marty | April 08, 2017

    I am currently visiting ajman for a few months and want to continue my programming so i was in search of a good and affordable gym.. till then i found this really cool gym with great facilities and very good training programs too. I am happy i found this gym and there was no interruption and its also affordable

  • Hareem Al Sultan

    becca | April 08, 2017

    I like hareem al sultan there are two slots so i come in the evening slot and all people working here are professional and nice

  • Al Fursan Gym

    Zohaib | April 08, 2017

    very flexible timings.. all the way from morning till night. I can go anytime i want

  • Agader Beauty & Gym

    kubra | April 07, 2017

    I been here once and spent good amount of time and it was great time.. i will likely come back some other time when i get chance

  • Zilina Fitness Gym

    Yasmina | April 07, 2017

    I just need badly to lose weight for friend upcoming wedding and I found this fitness place. It had everything I needed and I signed for 3 months program​. Trainers are very professional and teach exercise well

  • Aydah Beauty Salon

    Masooma | April 06, 2017

    The steam room gets bit stuffy but other than that all the parts were great. The deep skin exfoliation and massage were very good and the woman made me feel comfortable throughout even though it was my first experience and i have never been without clothes like this. Must come for this moroccan bath again

  • Rock Fitness Center

    rubaid | April 06, 2017

    Its the kind of place where you want to come in and get it done. Adequate space and facilities without getting in way of other people. Timings are like regular gym timings but i come here because i like the facilities

  • Al Qudrah Hair Cutting Salon

    immad | April 06, 2017

    al qudrah is five minute away from my home so whenever i need a haircut i go here. It is near and cheap too and also always fulled with mens so i usually go some time at night it is less rush then

  • Al Raqia Beauty & Henna Saloon

    maria | April 06, 2017

    we got most beautiful henna applied on our hands. It looked so pretty, design was delicate and very detailed and the women were bubbly and friendly. After 2 hours all three of us came out with beautiful hands

  • Zain Fitness Center

    Ranbeer | April 06, 2017

    I do feel like the prices here are half that of other fitness places when i was comparing, and there is a lot to do as well. I have made it a routine to come here now

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