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Al Satwa / Al Bada'a Ground Floor, Al Badaa Oasis, Al Hudaiba Road, Next to Chowking Restaurant, Dubai View on Map


Al Satwa / Al Bada'a
Ground Floor, Al Badaa Oasis, Al Hudaiba Road, Next to Chowking Restaurant, Dubai


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  • Only For Women


Wash, Cut and Style View these services

Hair Cut
AED 40
Blow Dry (starts from)
AED 50
Iron (starts from)
AED 50
Styling (starts from)
AED 150

Chemical Services View these services

Root Color
AED 100
Full Color (starts from)
AED 120
Highlights (starts from)
AED 150
Lowlights (starts from)
AED 120
Keratin Treatment (starts from)
AED 300
Brazilian Blow Out (starts from)
AED 300
Botox (starts from)
AED 300
Nourishing Hot Oil Treatment
AED 70

Hair Removal View these services

AED 15
Under Arm
AED 20
Half Arm
AED 40
Full Arm
AED 40
Half Leg
AED 50
Full Leg
AED 80
Full Tummy
AED 80
Full Back
AED 80
Full Body
AED 200
Bikini Line
AED 50
Full Bikini
AED 60

Threading View these services

AED 15
Upper Lip
AED 10
Full Face
AED 50

Hands and Feet View these services

AED 40
AED 60
Hand Polish and Foot Paraffin
AED 20
Gel Polish Change
AED 50
Hand or Foot Paraffin
AED 60
Gel Nail Mani and Pedi
AED 180

Skin Care View these services

Basic Facial
AED 120
Arm Scrub
AED 30
Leg Scrub
AED 40
Back Scrub
AED 50
Full Body Massage
AED 150

Nails View these services

Gel Normal
AED 200
Gel French
AED 250
Overlay Normal
AED 180
Overlay French
AED 220
AED 175
AED 50

Eyes View these services

Eyelash Extension
AED 150
AED 75

Bridal Packages View these services

Wedding Package (6 persons) (starts from)
AED 1000

Packages View these services

Hair and Make Up Package (starts from)
AED 150
Hair Color & Treatment, Mani, Eyebrow Threading
AED 100
Full Body Massage(45mins), Mani, Eyebrow Threading
AED 120
Cut&Blowdry,Mani/Pedi,UnderArmWax,Upperlip Thread
AED 100
Hair Treatment (X5) w/ Head Massage & Blow Dry
AED 200
Hair Color, Mani&Pedi, Eyebrow Threading
AED 319
Hair Botox or Keratin, + Pedicure
AED 329
Eyelash Extension, J.B. Lashes w/ Manicure
AED 179
Nail Extension, Mani, Arm Massage
AED 190

Reviews View All

Jana | June 20, 2017

I have been getting my straightened for the past 15 years back when I was in USA. I needed similar quality here and found this great place and am quite happy

arwa | June 09, 2017

at these prices I think anyone has got to admit the services are excellent value for money

shelly | June 05, 2017

waxing service was of good value so I'll be back

Nandoi | May 31, 2017

A very regular customer and as usual, I found the waxing perfect this time too

Natosha | May 22, 2017

I arrived for my appointment a bit early and the staff was very accommodating through out the period

lubina | May 20, 2017

she has plenty of hairstyling ideas and I find her work inspirational

Ragini | May 18, 2017

The stylist was very considerate and she assured me that whatever style and color she is choosing will suit me, and to my surprise it was a job well done

meetu | May 17, 2017

exceptional leg and back scrub and competitive prices as always

Kanika | May 13, 2017

I had blondish highlights done from the same place and now I got it changed to brunette. The change is unbelievably good. She is my go to stylist

aurore | May 06, 2017

thank you all so much for the amazing cut.. waxing was good too
ill surely come back

wadia | May 01, 2017

grate décore, best staaf and wondaful dissconts

areej | April 27, 2017

Everytime I go there I get an outstanding service

mubarak | April 25, 2017

i was simply amazed when the hairstylist added the perfect look to my long hair with the cutest zig zagging​ braid

Saahira | April 17, 2017

never been lucky when it comes to hair. It's been colored and treated in the worst way possible. I came here with zero expectations but only because my friend had recommended it to me. She did the perfect combination of darks and lights and highlights. The color turned out remarkable and you can't imagine the amount of compliments I've received. I am so thankful she chose the right look for me and made me look so good after ages. Came to the salon with zero expectations but leaving with so many good remarks.

Mouzna | April 14, 2017

When i found out that ELS has a 55% off on waxing services i came without letting this opportunity go to waste. It'd save me a lot of money even though its not that expensive, but thanks to the discount i got to enjoy a few other services like a leg, back and arm scrub. You definitely have me as a regular customer

Gushi | April 12, 2017

I got a nourishing hot oil treatment for my hair and the head massage kept me going and energized for the rest of the day after it. She was just so good at it. She massaged my scalp thoroughly with the hot oil and let it stay, because then i got it washed off after thirty minutes. I did not feel bored for a second because of the liveliness around this place. There are so many customers walking in and these people did not seem to get tired one bit. Gonna be back

hanya | April 11, 2017

My hairs are so curly I hatt it so badilly. They looks like somebody leaved bomb on them to axplode. I had come to this place so they could fixes my massee hairs and I told her to straight it so I could look good at the function tonites. The lady is obidiyent worker and doed her work with focus and after 1 hours I was looking gorgeous and raddy to go! Thank you woman

Itriya | April 08, 2017

Its a cute salon and its near my place where I live. I have never been here before until thursday when i came here for full face threading. The hair growth wasnt too much so i didnt feel much pain while getting it threaded. Within 45 mins i was good to go. I am going to come again next time.

Anonymous | April 04, 2017

My visit included Hair, and I rate my experience 5 stars.

Sella | March 30, 2017

My hair gets so dry after i shampoo it. Dont know why. I came here to the salon for waxing and when i asked salon lady, she suggested that i go for hot oil nourishing treatment that would make my hair feel soft and also increase the blood circulation in my head. I ended up getting it and definitely, my hair feels much better. I will come again after 2 weeks to get the same treatment.

wendyx | March 30, 2017

My visit included Manicure/PediCure, Face, Hair, Hair Removal, and I rate my experience 5 stars.

Julia | March 08, 2017

I basically just came here to get my eyebrows threaded but over here they had a deal that included full body massage for 45 mins, a manicure along with eyebrow threading and it was also saving a lot of money. So i availed that and i spent 2 hours of utmost fun and enjoyment. The deals they have are fantastic and very cost effective.

Sheila | February 21, 2017

I was attracted to this salon because of its extra ordinarily cost effective deals. Like i got my hair colored, manicure and pedicure with eyebrow threading in such low prices. And the quality wasnt even compromised. This was one of the best salon experiences for me and i can't wait to come back and tell my friends and family about it too

Sandy | February 20, 2017

Going through the reviews gave me an idea about how exceptionally good this place is. I like my ex hairdresser a lot but i tempted to come here and i wasnt disappointed at all. Price and quality wise, i got the service i was looking for. I dyed my hair a lovely shade of auburn and the hairdresser paid attention to all the minor details to make me turn into a loyal customer. Guys, i will be back again :)

Anonymous | February 19, 2017

My visit included Nails, Manicure/PediCure, Hair, and I rate my experience 4 stars.

Ulya | February 18, 2017

I loved my sister's new haircut and when i asked her, she told me that she came to Els. So i took her lead, and came here the day after. My hair was a bit oily, but the hairdresser was a kind woman. She said she will wash it up for me first and then after drying them a bit, she cut my hair in steps. I have never liked my hair as much as i do right now. I am extremely happy and its going to be the salon of my choice for now on.