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Copthorne Hotel, Port Saeed, Dubai


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Aromatherapy Massage & Facial
AED 220
Balinese Massage & Facial
AED 220
Deep Tissue Massage & Facial
AED 220
Swedish Massage & Facial
AED 220
Thai Massage & Facial
AED 220

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audrey | May 04, 2017

she always tailor makes my massages just as I enlighten her on what it is that I actually need

umaira | April 26, 2017

thanks for curing my aching back..
sure was a painful deep tissue but worth it

valencia | April 18, 2017

this massage wasn't like your typical relaxing and soothing massage rather it was more deep, intense, and just what I needed at that moment. The amount of pressure was incredible. Loved the facial too

katja | April 15, 2017

My friend calls me a massage digger but in reality i just enjoy the calmness, serenity and sensuality of the massages. I am a massage lover and the two factors that win my heart in a massage is that it should be long and the masseuse should know well about the right pressure and strokes. First time here and it was downright awesome! The thai massage comes with a facial and it was sublime! ITS THE AWESOMENESS OF THE MASSEUSE THAT WILL DRAW ME BACK

Sakshi | March 12, 2017

Its an exotic spa which i purely loved with all my heart. I am so happy i got the chance and time to come here after my baby was born. It was good feeling to relax after so many months and the people working here are so sweet and they take proper care of you the full time you are here. They will never make any face which is a good thing. do try the balinese massage with facial because it was a wonderful experience.

Masooma | February 10, 2017

A friend and her mother are regulars here and they suggested that i should come here for massage and facial.I said okay i will come and i am glad they told me about 02 spa cuz its a wonderful massage place. I picked aromatherapy for me and every min of it was fun and relaxing both for me. I am looking forward to be back soon.

Dona | February 02, 2017

I work in deira and I was looking for a spa nearby where I could come for massages after work. Thank God I found this wonderful place where I got the best Balinese massage plus facial. The people here are experts and they treat you like queens or kings. a must try for all!

Farzana | January 25, 2017

I went with my bae. We both had planned to get two different massages in order to see which one is going to be the best. I chose Balinese, while he went for Swedish and To be honest, both were best in their own ways.. We couldnt decide which one was the best. The masseuses here are experienced and so skilled.. highly recommended!

Mark H | November 14, 2016

Wow, great experience, and lovely atmosphere. Its very clean, and great prices also! Will make this a regular occurrence!