Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement (The Service Provider) is a website providing the privacy protection of its users, through an online platform. Any information in the form of reviews, log in details, emails, phone numbers or any of the like that are provided to is done so securely. This information is private and will only be used for the reasons outlined in the Privacy Policy. is a beauty and wellbeing online platform providing its users with information on different spas, salons, clinics, gyms, fitness centers and much more. connects its visitors to establishments through phone number or booking form in order to facilitate the connection between user and establishment. All information submitted on by users is done so voluntarily. Below, you may read further details into the Privacy Policy of

User Registration/Signing Up is accessible to any website visitor, with or without user registration. For those website visitors whom choose to register voluntarily, WELLBEY requires the basic information in order to facilitate connection website user and establishment. This includes contact information such as phone number, email address, name.

WELLBEY collects this information for its own use and purposes, and this information will not be shared with any other party. Regularly, WELLBEY will reach out to its registered users whom have used its services, to provide information regarding any offers, spas, salons, clinics or gyms that we think our users will find interesting. We aim to provide all of our users with information which is relevant and personal to them, to provide the best experience in connecting you to beauty and wellbeing on

Member and User Profiles

To get access to the full benefits of using, users can create User or Member Profiles. When creating a profile, the user enters in mandatory personal data such as phone number, name, email. WELLBEY does not aim to source any sensitive data from its users. Users can voluntarily fill in the additional fields when signing up which include age, gender, country of origin, income bracket etc. These fields are purely voluntary, and help WELLBEY in understanding its users as much as possible to provide the best experience on

WELLBEY will not pass on the profile information and details of its users to any 3rd party unless otherwise agreed with the user in advance. If WELLBEY does use the profile information and details of its users, we will clearly notify you at the time of filling the user profile form before signing up in order for you to be fully aware how we will use your details. If WELLBEY is under law, statute, regualtion, ordinanance or court order, ordered to provide this personal data, then WELLBEY is obliged, and has no choice, but to provide this information to the relevant authorities.

All users whom have successfully signed up on will have the ability to change the information in their profiles to keep it updated or for any other reasons.

Establishment Listings

On, there are thousands of spas, salons, clinics, gyms and fitness centers in the UAE. WELLBEY sources information on establishments and curates this information on its website. Information is also submitted voluntarily by establishments. Anyone visiting have the ability to view all establishments, search, as well as write reviews.

Any establishment has the right to amend any information on their WELLBEY business listing page for them.

Website Links

On there are occasionally links which have been put throughout the website which will link to third party websites. The information contained within this Privacy Policy is purely information that is collected by WELLBEY to be used on

WELLBEY is not responsible for the information that is contained on third party websites through these links. It is our aim to provide our users with relevant information at all times, however, in the cases where this does not happen, we encourage our users to return to We highly recommend that if users leave to any third party websites, that they do read the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions of those websites.

Website Cookies Policy

Website Cookies are small packets of data or information which are stored in the website browser of every user’s computer. WELLBEY uses website cookies in order to understand visitors to our site further, by tracking areas of the site that are visited. This information helps us continuously improve how looks, works and feels for all of our visitors. The cookies that track visitors to our website do not collect any personal information from you. Most user’s website browsers automatically allow for cookies to track your visits. This can be easily changed through the settings of your browser.

Changes to Privacy Policy

WELLBEY will always do everything in their power to keep our user’s privacy as a high priority. In the cases where WELLBEY privacy policies change, users will be updated through the WELLBEY website.

Website Content

On, information has been collected from various sources on spas, salons, clinics and gyms, as well as other establishments related to beauty and wellbeing. WELLBEY reserves the right to distribute this information and/or any technology which WELLBEY has integrated into the website.